Kinect Ghost Fight

Created by: 
Kevin O'Brien
Mar 02, 2015
Project type: 
My role: 
UX design, integration, coding
gesture, Kinect, cognitive computing, voice control

Kinect Ghost Fight

Kinect Ghost Fight Movie

This is a proof of concept Kinect game pitting players against a CPU character or another human character. The characters are semi translucent giving rise to the name "Kinect Ghost Fight". Some of the interesting mechanics include the ability to pick up artifacts such as a bow and arrow or shields for use in combat. Much of the physical structures can be affected by the players actions (throw an object into a wall and watch it crumble). There is a strong sense of physics going on which greatly adds to the enjoyment; especially since the game picks up on the nuances of a slow throw vs. a fast throw - the effects to the physical environment can be seen.

Simple voice commands allow camera view point to be changed (3rd vs. 1st person). The ability to record your movements (motion capture) can also be enabled via a voice command. The "CPU" characters are just recordings of myself and then the data is later pasted into a game level and the opponent is oriented to face the live player.