Interactive Shop Window for Communication Service Provider

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Jun 02, 2014
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project management
gesture, Kinect, sensors

Interactive Shop Window for Communication Service Provider

ameria: VIP Rollout E-Plus

The new communication and marketing channel virtual and interactive promotion convinced. In the current year, the virtual promoter will find its place in the shop window of the BASE shops in 16 German cities. As part of a roadshow, the promoters will visit all cities within six months.
The Virtual and Interactive promoter allows the projection of a life-sized promoter on the shop window. Using gesture control, passersby are able to interact with the system. The virtual promoter is thereby perceived not only as a promotional campaign, but as an innovative installation within the BASE world. The entertainment applications opens up worlds of experience, in which the services of BASE by interactive and multimedia means. The consumer engagement is significantly increased by the active and innovative customer approach and leaves a lasting impression on passersby.
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Jun 04, 2014

Nice installation! A very clean use of technology without "technology for technolgy's sake".