Create your own motion controlled robot

Sep 17, 2015

Create your own motion controlled robot

Create Your own Motion controlled Robot
Motion controlled experiences do not need to be limited to games, or even digital devices, actually a responsive motion interaction can be attained by using simple and accessible everyday objects.
Chen Goldberg, an Algorithm Engineer at Extreme Reality recently created a cardboard robot operated by body movements. When creating the robot, Chen’s goal was to show how our Extreme Motion SDK can be used to create off screen physical human machine interactions that are simple to execute, inexpensive, and cool.
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Here’s your 101 for creating your own DYI robot for under $100

Purchase one Micro Maestro Servo motor controller ($20)
A servo motor controller is a circuit that is used to control the position of a servo motor. It is also called as a servo motor driver. A servo motor controller consists of a controller, the servo motor and the power supply unit. This specific controller was used because it is user friendly and can operate up to 6 servos.
Purchase 4 servo’s or more (less than $10)
Servos are used to create the movement. The more servos being used the more freedom of movement you will have when creating your robot. In this Robot Chen only needed 4 servos to create the robots “hand” movements but if you want more freedom of motion you can purchase more. There are a variety of servo’s that can be used; this specific Tower Pro servo model was chosen because of its cost effectiveness.
Use Cardboard (Or other materials) to connect the servos
Place the Servos on the main robot joints
Associate each servo to its specific counterpart according to the skeleton data
You can use a box in order to hide the motor controller and servos behind It while allowing it to serve as a holder for the robots “hands”
Modify the Extreme Motion SDK C# sample project to drive the servo controller based on the incoming skeletal data (to copy the code click here)
Connect the controller to the computer through a USB and run the sample project
And Voilà, you have your own motion controlled robot!
motion controlled robot
Our Motion technology is accessible for anyone looking to create unordinary motion experiences. Recently, well-known toy company Spin Master  has integrated the Extreme Motion SDK into their upcoming award winning personalized robot, the Meccanoid. The integration of our software will allow users to simply download an app and control the robot with their body movements from their smartphone or tablet
The Extreme Motion SDK works with a simple camera, on any device (iOS, Android or Windows) enabling both developers and companies to bring their motion inspired ideas to life in both digital and physical environments. For more information about our technology visit our Developers Zone today.
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