We're not all waving at our computers to check email yet, but like the jetpack of yesteryear, nearly all of us have seen Minority Report and Iron Man and kind of expect it to be just around the corner. Sci-fi is leading the public conception of what gestures mean for our audiences as users and ourselves as designers, and we should examine that carefully before we accept it as what's best. Christopher Noessel, co-author of the book Make It So: Interaction Design Lessons from Sci-Fi, will be leading an interactive presentation live from San Francisco, talking about the gesture chapter of the...
We'll delve into the world of eye tracking technology, what it's about, what its implications are, and how it's currently being used. After our initial discussion, we'll be joined by special guest Tore Meyer CEO - 4tiitoo AG, live via video conference, from Munich Germany. Tore will share his expertise and tell us about his experiences with eye tracking, as well as talk about eyeCharm, his company's Kickstarter project that ran through April 7 and is funded!
We'll take a trip through the world of gesture, have a look at a bunch of examples of what's going on today and what's coming in the near future. We'll talk about different gesture devices and we'll have a look at different API's that are available to get you up to speed on your gesture projects. Now with a special guest via video link: Anna Pereira, Ph.D student at University of California Berkeley, currently a graduate student researcher at the MIT Media Lab, sharing her views/experience working with gesture technologies.
Presentation: Getting To Know NUI Lots of people sorta/kinda know what NUI is, some know more than others, some are novices ready to learn. This presentation will delve into the different areas of NUI that go way beyond voice commands and gesture. We'll talk about where NUI is today and where it's heading in the near future, how it will impact UX (user experience) and what it means for developers, marketers, and brands. Battle of the COMMANDS! Two NUI Central visionaries will battle it out in a fight to the end, pitting iOS against Android in a Siri vs. Google Voice Search voice command...