05/04/15 - 05/05/15
This is the first ever Watson Hackathon. It’s a must attend opportunity to leverage the power of Watson and the Watson ecosystem, so that you can build the cognitive computing app of your dreams. An entire community of developers, UX/UI designers, entrepreneurs, and creatives are converging to team-up, share ideas and experiences, and learn from one another in the pursuit of cognitive app excellence and a shot at some of the $25,000 in prizes. You can come alone or with a team, you can be a Watson expert or novice, you can bring an idea or work with others, but you can’t allow yourself to...
Amy Ingram is's name for their intelligent agent (a.k.a. artificial assistant) with a human-like quality. Amy works over email (users simply cc: and is a prime example of the idea of invisible software—as well as its accompanying user experience challenge. Rather than relying on a syntax (think Twitter) that requires a users working knowledge of how to use the product, works in a way that suggests to the user that he or she can converse with Amy any way they want to. A great deal of effort has been made by to humanize Amy, and you talk to Amy as a real "her".  
Speech recognition has improved dramatically in recent years, but spoken dialog systems that we want to converse with have not materialized. When people converse, their words are less important than the goals they pursue in speaking to each other. Goals and intentions, however, are much more difficult to interpret than words. Rebecca J. Passonneau argues, however, that it is not necessary for machines to engage in the same kinds of inference that humans use in conversation. Rather, machines can become more proficient dialog partners by capitalizing on the differences between humans and...
02/21/15 - 02/22/15
Can you build greatness? Got a cool Kinect app idea? Join fellow developers, UI/UX designers, and others for a 24 hour hackathon using the new Kinect for Windows v2.   UPDATE 2/20/14 - ONE DAY TO GO FINAL COUNTDOWN - DO NOT DELAY, RESERVE YOUR SPACE NOW! The hackathon will now be held at WeWork a brand new Austin space in a secure building, don't expect to be able to get past security unless you're on the pre-registerd list. VENUE IS NOW:WeWork, 600 Congress Ave., 14th Floor, Austin, TX 78701 REGISTRATION STARTS AT: 8:15am That's right, we're at it again. Following up to the awesome...
Michael Kosic will share some of the pains and pleasures from his journey, founding a start-up company in the user interaction space, too early. Launching in 2002 and evolving the company (XYZ Interactive) and its technology to focus on enabling simple, low-cost gestures for mass-market products, the company's technology has finally launched. This discussion will explore how XYZ's technology enables novel, low cost and low power 3D gesture and position recognition use cases such as: