HUI Central™ - NY Meetup

There's no better way to experience HUI than in person at a HUI Central™ Meetup!

HUI Central - NY is the biggest Humanized User Interface™ group in the world. We meet each month in New York City and have presentations on various topics regarding natural user interface technologies. For example, Microsoft visited us from Seattle to present to us regarding Kinect for Windows. Other past presenters have come from Nuance, MIT Media Lab, Intel, Tobii, IBM Watson, etc. Essentially - we're like a front row seat to the world of HUI in NYC.

Events include: speakers, meet & greets, project showcases, and more. Plus, in the coming months we'll be holding HUI hackathons in partnership with major technology companies.

If you're building applications or products, got a start-up or idea, want to share your skills and knowledge or learn from others, want to get in on tech's new leading edge, are just a techno geek, or are looking for the next generation of investment opportunities, this is the group for you! Members have diverse skills and come from a multitude of industries including: software/hardware development, UX design, marketing, venture capital, anthropology, UI design, robotics, and more.

Currently, our New York group has 1,300 members. Join us now to experience new stuff, learn something, meet like-minded people, and have fun.

Are you interested in a HUI Central Meetup in your city? If you'd like to organize a HUI Central group, check this out.