About HUI Central

Welcome. This is an exciting time!

Natural user interface (NUI) is taking hold as an epic new way for humans to interact with computing devices. New companies are emerging regularly. Behemoth companies are investing increasingly more resources to develop NUI applications. Individual developers/creators are experimenting, trying out new concepts, and pushing the envelope in the human computer interaction (HCI) arena. HUI Central was created in response to all that amazing activity.

HUI Central is a worldwide community for those working with NUI. It's a place for developers and creators to share their work and for enthusiasts to find it. It's a hub, empowering the growth of the NUI community and a place to build relationships with like-minded people. It's a resource for ideas and tools to inspire and enable new projects, services, and products that utilize NUI. And importantly... HUI Central is a messenger to people everywhere, showing them how the visionaries crafting today's NUI are rapidly changing their world in fantastic new ways.

Please enjoy your visit here and join our community!